Dear Smart Project Space,

With this email we want to claim responsability for the new art work that appeared last wednesday in your gallery.

We refer to the four sentences with the following text:

- I want to create a space for everybody to use.

- All the artworks are permitted to be touched and modified, after any modification the new author of the piece is allowed to take the artwork with him / her.

- All the artworks are allowed to be photographed or video recorded and uploaded afterwards in youtube or flicker.

- If you think that any of the artworks are crap, you can replace it with your won work.

We didn’t mean to destroy your current exhibition but to improve it.

we question why there is such a small public going to contemporary art exhibitions and why this public is only consisting of artists. We question the ideas of cult value, originality/reproducibility, authorship and copyrights.

we believe that art has to change into being more accessible for a broad public.

If you have any question or feedback, don’t hesitate to write us an email to

We attach 10 still images of the video of our action.

Best greetings,

TenKate Collective